Do you play games cannibals and missionaries?

Problem:  Help the 3 cannibals and 3 missionaries to move to the other side of the lake. Note that: when there are more cannibals on one side than missionaries, the cannibals eat them.
How do you win logic games cannibals and missionaries?
Very simple. Please follow the instructions below:
1. Bring missionary and cannibal across in boat.
2. Drop cannibal off.
3. Go back and put the other two cannibals in boat.
4. Drop one off and go across.
5. Now put two missionaries in boat and send them across.
6. Drop one off and pick up a cannibal.
7. Drop off the cannibal and pick up the missionary.
8. Bring them across and drop them both off and have the cannibal go pick up the other two in two trips.
9. Drop them all off and you win.

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