Friv Games Beneficial Or Harmful For Kids?

It is very burning question among the parents and there are two schools of thought, one is against the uncontrolled playing of friv games and other is in favor of playing games by the kids. In this article some logical arguments of these two schools of thoughts are given so that reader could get the deeper view and could decide whether friv games are beneficial for their child or not. Here are the views of two parties:
Many people and even researchers think that friv games are shedding very harmful effects on out new generation. The youngsters who spend more than two to three hours in playing friv games or online games develop the negative behavior according to the games. The reason is that majority of the friv games are developed on violence oriented themes and very non-ethical activities are incorporated in friv games. These activities stimulate the negative behavior of the kid unknowingly and he fantasies about such behavior in real life. In addition to that youngster spends two or three hours in playing games develop laziness which causes to increase the weight of the kid in early ages. Due to these and many other reasons a huge number of people are convinced to discourage the youngsters on playing friv games during big portion of their leisure times.
On the other hand many people don’t believe that friv games are playing vital role in developing the negative behavior in youngsters. They claim that majority of the video games are developed to stimulate the healthy mental improvement of the youngsters. They refer the results of a high level study made by the American Scientific Minds issued in 2009. According to this study friv games and computer games are one of the 6 great mind boosters. There are many other arguments in favor of playing online friv games.

Friv games are useful in enriching For Kids lives and also have numerous advantages. Friv games online provide educative entertainment and lots of information towards the mind of teens. These games are recognized to activate the gray cells from the brain and enhance the reflex action from the people. The puzzles and word games are encouraging to help keep danger of disease like Alzheimer’s away




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